Community Service Project

You will complete a service project that relates to the topic of your final paper.Below are examples of service projects connected to a research topic:

  • Topic: child abuse -volunteer at the shelter for battered women and children.
  • Topic: Homelessness- volunteer at a homeless shelter or participate in the walk for the homeless.
  • Topic: Racism: volunteer at the Boys and Girls Club or the Derek Jeter After School Program
  • Topic: Overweight/ Unattractive- volunteer with the Girls on the Run Program or volunteer with a walking club at a school.

Then you are to write a two to three page paper about your experience. You might consider answering the following questions and some of your own:

Tell where you volunteered and a little about the other participants.

What was positive and what was negative about the experience?

Would you like to participate more with this organization?

Do you agree with its philosophy, its goals, and its strategies/

Do you think it is effective? How could it improve or expand?

Do some research on the organization and its history and include that in your paper.


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