March 24, 2011 Topic- Student Choice

March 24, 2011 Student Choice

Choose a young adult novel that addresses a topic not discussed so far in this class or that covers the topic for your research paper.  A great resource for good books is your young adult librarians at your public library or your media specialists at your schools. They know what books are popular with teens.

Discuss in Literature Circles the novel you chose using the lenses of your choice. Write down your thoughts as a group to share with the class.

Writing Assignment: Create a found poem about your book. See handout.

Readaround: I only ask you to share your writing if you want to do so.  You also have the option to share your writing on our blog or just hand it in to me.  I encourage you to consider submitting your writing to a publication too.

(Include here information on Readarounds from Nancie Atwell’s book In the Middle: New Understandings About Writing, Reading, and Learning or a link to an online source.)


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