Writing Workshop

Writing Workshop will include personal narratives in order to demonstrate their power to create intimacy in the classroom and establish trust.  You will complete an autoethnography, writing about your experience with writing in elementary school through college.  You will also be  required to complete an interview of someone who fits into one of the course’s novel categories.

Publishing is an important part of a writing workshop and you will be given opportunities to publish your work in formats such as read-arounds (read aloud in class), class anthologies, letters to the editor, online publication, blogs, and community poetry readings, writing contests, or poetry slams.

Peer editing, conferencing, and mini-lessons will be designed to reinforce writing and teaching methods.

I will offer short excerpts from writing books such as Annie Lamott’s  Bird by Bird where she validates the “shitty first draft”(21) and Stephen King’s On Writing: A Memoir of the Craft where he shares that “dialogue … gives your cast their voices, and is crucial in defining their characters…”(178).  Offering opportunities to get inside the heads of published authors and discover their writing process will hopefully demystify the task and offer valuable insights and inspiration.  This class will maintain an open forum for students to share excerpts they may find in books on writing.

Click here for article on problems with remedial writing programs

(Add other articles, stories, or podcasts on writing workshops.)


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